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Keith St. John

Vocal & Harmonica

Keith fronts the “Zepplica Live” set. Robert Plant live is what Keith portrays in body and spirit. Current and previous credits; Burning Rain, Montrose, Kingdom Come & Lynch Mob.

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Joe Retta

Vocals & Harmonica

Joe fronts the band for the standard “hits” show. His powerful vocals can easily nail the prime Robert Plant on the early recordings. Current and previous credits; Heaven and Earth, The Sweet, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Dio’s Disciples & Queen Nation.

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Lenny Mann

Guitar, Theremin

Portraying the persona of Jimmy Page

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Darryl Johnson

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Johnny Bruhns

Bass, Guitar & Mandolin
  1. Kashmir Led Zepplica 8:53
  2. Misty Mountain Hop Led Zepplica 4:56


Imagine this. You are transported back 40 years and you are one of the lucky few to experience a live concert by Led Zeppelin at a local venue. This is what Led Zepplica is all about. The chemistry, the magic, and the legendary performance up close and personal. We invite you to relive it all over again.

The band features two powerhouse singers that represent two distinct versions of the band. The standard version features Joe Retta and focuses on the radio versions of Led Zeppelin’s hits. Led Zepplica Live features Keith St. John and the band simulates an actual Led Zeppelin live concert from the mid 70’s complete with improvisational content taken from their most iconic performances.

Led Zepplica has been performing as an entity since 1989 nationally and internationally. The band has headlined arenas across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Russia and India performing in front of thousands making them one of the biggest touring production Led Zeppelin tribute bands to date. Visit our show archives to see why Led Zepplica is the number one requested Led Zeppelin tribute band in the world.

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