Joe Retta is a talented singer and performer who has an uncanny ability to totally assume the role of rock’s greatest icons. His role accomplishments include Freddie Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Paul Rogers and his greatest yet, Robert Plant. Joe can easily recreate the vocals of early Plant complete with his dead on physical appearance and on-stage mannerisms. When Joe is not performing with Led Zepplica, he is fronting for The Sweet.

Playing the role of Jimmy Page is guitarist Lenny Mann. Originally from Boston, Lenny is a veteran of professional touring bands and has done various recording projects. His influences are Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck to name a few. A self proclaimed perfectionist, he has cultivated the playing style and stage antics of his mentor Jimmy Page. Lenny is currently endorsed by Line6 and GHS Strings.

Johnny Bruhns was born into a musical family whose roots date back to organist and composer, Nicholas Bruhns, who was an important influence on Johann Sebastian Bach. As a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and veteran tribute artist, Johnny has performed and recorded with many great bands including Roundabout – The American Yes Tribute. Johnny was even chosen by Yes to fill in on guitars while they were rehearsing in Los Angeles for the “In The Present” tour. With such a successful and versatile track record, Johnny’s expertise on bass, keyboards and mandolin really comes into play in a pinpoint portrayal of the great John Paul Jones.

Playing in the spirit of John Henry Bonham, is Darryl Johnson (Our Bonzo). A self taught drummer raised on all musical styles, especially free form improvisation. Darryl considers himself a new student to the John Bonham college of music and enjoys the creative challenge to play in the spirit of J.H.B.